Why aluminium foil bags are taking control of the packaging industry


Aluminium foil bags are used for packaging in various commercial markets: food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, etc. Its great popularity in the packaging industry is due to its numerous properties. Aluminium is found in abundance in the earth’s crust and can be remodelled and recycled over and over again. On the other hand, plastic has a weak tendency to be recycled several times compared to aluminium and, therefore, plastic bags are left out by aluminium foil bags as a more environmentally friendly option.

These are used by most of people because food in the aluminium foil bags remains fresh for long time.

The following points justify why aluminium foil bags are a preferred packaging solution:

  • When it comes to blocking the heat and freshness inside, nothing can beat ถุงฟอยด์. Therefore, aluminium sheets are used as wrappers for various sandwiches such as hamburgers, pizzas, etc. and they are widely used to pack fresh food daily. The quality of aluminium as a good conductor of thermal energy makes it suitable to keep food packaged hot for a long time.
  • Paper bags are good, but they are not the best when it comes to packaging, since they cannot perfectly prevent moisture and oxygen from storing the stored contents. On the other hand, aluminium bags are resistant and offer maximum resistance to dust, oxygen, chemicals, water, moisture and other agents that tend to destroy the quality of the stored product.
  • Aluminium bags offer a lightweight package and are therefore travel friendly. In addition, they come with a lower reinforcement and take up less storage space.
  • Aluminium is one of the most essential elements and is associated with several advantages in various parameters of the industry. In its different forms, aluminium has a wide range of applications that make it almost indispensable for humanity. As we know, aluminium is widely used in the food packaging industry. In this article, we analyze why aluminium finds application in the food packaging industry. Basically we look at the advantages of aluminium in food packaging.

Ways to increase the useful life of food: Aluminium exceeds a number of elements in food packaging and is perhaps the most used element. Let’s continue and analyze these benefits of using aluminium for packaging. Here are some notable benefits of using aluminium in food packaging.

  • Helps store food for long periods Due to its bright impermeability to water vapour and water, aluminium foils help store food for long periods. In addition, because of this wonderful property, aluminium helps maintain the freshness of food for a long period of time.
  • Provides a barrier against heat and light Due to its excellent ability to act as a barrier against heat and light, since heat is one of the main reasons for the decomposition of food, aluminium is widely used in the food packaging. This is one of the most important properties that make aluminium the most preferred element for food packaging and storage.